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Bamboo floors are durable and make a beautiful background for any room..
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Our skilled installers installed a contrast safety stripe, using natural colored bamboo inserted into amber.

Sustainable, natural, and beautiful, bamboo flooring offers the advantages of the strength and durability common to hardwoods. Its unique grain sets it apart from other hardwood flooring. We offer all kinds of bamboo flooring, including strand-woven bamboo, which is extremely hard and durable.

Outstanding as environmentally sound flooring, bamboo flooring is produced from one of nature’s fastest growing plants. A grass, rather than a wood, bamboo can be selectively re-harvested year after year. Bamboo is one of the most renewable and abundant natural resources on earth.

Our formaldehyde-free, select species of bamboo flooring come in natural and amber colors. Produced as a solid plank or engineered floor, bamboo can be nailed, floated (laid over a subfloor with interlocking planks) or glued down (no-VOC adhesives are available). We offer the strongest factory finishes available with warranties of 24 years and greater.

Please visit our showroom to see current samples, and to see this attractive product installed on our floors. We install all bamboo products.

Below are some links to some of the bamboo products found at the Hendricksen Natürlich Flooring, Inc. showroom.